1 Thessalonians 5:11

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.


What About Me

I'm the one that swings on poles . . . drop it like it’s hot while teasing and pleasing men. See, I was told to use what I have to get what I want. I'm the one that catches the eye of all types of men: Players, pimps, and even husbands. Yes, it’s me, “Ms. So, So Sexy.” My breasts are firm, my stomach is flat and my hips are wide—and oh yes, men like it like that. 

 Just in case you’re wondering, there are a few times I laid on my back. . . depending on if the price was right  that night. . . See, using what I have has gotten me many things: shoes, clothes, a truck, and a diamond ring.  I know you remember me—the  one that has low self-esteem and was told that I will never amount to anything. But as you see, many men want me.  (Sigh) I'm so sexy. . .Even so, what man would ever want to settle down and have a family and marry me after knowing I’ve worked the poles and the streets? So I’ll just keep doing what I do: swinging on poles and slamming Cadillac doors, praying that one day Mr. Right will sweep me off my feet. . .
I won’t lie. Sometimes I  cry myself to sleep because this lifestyle is really taking a toil on me. I don't know how to walk away from the streets. The streets is the only thing that should love to me. . .I know what men see when they see me: a young women with a nice body—and they heard that I would do just about, almost, anything. Is there anyone out there that will pray for me? I'm a stripper and I want to be set free from this life style that soon might kill me.
Can you relate to this?  Is this your story? Do you know of someone that may be in this situation? Are you willing to share with them that no matter what they are doing there is a way out? Will you share with them that God loves them and they are daughters of the King? Will you let them know that He is willing to hold them, provide for them, lead,  guide, deliver, and heal them from all hurt, pain, disappointment, and shame? Are you willing to reach out to those around you who are asking the question: What about me?
What made me write the poem, "What about me", I received a email from a young lady, and then a phone call many months ago. She said to me, that she was in need of help and was tired of her lifestyle. She said, LaTonia what about me, do people pray for people like me. I said everyday. I then told her, I will pray for you right now. I prayed for her and she accepted the Lord into her life. Since then, she emailed me and said she is saved, sanctified, and holy ghost filled and is attending a awesome church that teaches and preaches straight out of the Word. I emailed her back and said, Praise the Lord. So ladies, there is always someone willing to pray for you and with you.

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