1 Thessalonians 5:11

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.


Tears, sleepless nights, over eating, not eating, thoughts of suicide--wow!!! About to lose my mind. The storm took me by surprise. How did I slip so far behind? What? Could it be I had no love for me? And yet I thought I was so fine...until one day I realized the storm caught me by surprise. Tricked by the way of the world, Big G. bling, bling rolling up on dubs. Wow!!! Could it be Big G. is about to set me free? Gucci bags, LV, diamonds and minks, trips to the fights; what a sight to see! Smiling, high profiling, shining bright for all to see. But no one ever really knew what was really going on inside of me. A way of escape was Big G. for me. I saw an opportunity where my children could grow up and live happily. Big G.--big baller shot caller--because that's what he turned out to be: a man of control and never wanting to set me free, watching my every move. 
"Please, Lord, take him away from me!" "Where are you going? What you wearing?" is how it turned out to be. And oh yes, the storm became unbearable to me. So I cried, "Lord, please help me! Take him away from me!" But oh no, this was something I put myself in so I'll have to break free. I cried, "Lord, please just make a way for me!" The door opened. I was set free! Lord, thank you for watching over me. It took some time for me to see that money and material things won't set you free. After the storm I worked on me--and that's when I was set free. Now comes the blessing. 

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