1 Thessalonians 5:11

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.


My Life

 My life wasn't peaches and cream. 
(Things are not always what they seem.)
Never wanting for material things;
Had a Mom that looked like a beauty queen.
Modeling, high profiling, doing her own thing,
But took a turn to the wrong thing: Drugs. 
Separation is what it caused me; 
Feeling like my mother didn't love me.
Feeling she would never be set free.
Holding all this pain inside of me, 
Never wanting my grandmother to know anything. 
Of course no one could see...
She was a well-kept woman from A-Z
Doctors, lawyers, big ballers and CEOs of companies,
Paying bills, never going without.
No one could see the pain inside of me;
Awaken to tears of pain...
My Mom wasn't home and I was feeling so alone and ashamed...
"Why Lord?" was my favorite prayer. "Why me?"
Being the only child was so, so, lonely
Until God stepped in!
I prayed, "Lord, whatever it takes to get my Mom straight, do it" 
And that is what He did.
He allowed her to go down a path
That almost took her life.
God has a way of getting your attention! 
My Mom cried out to the Lord, 
"If you give me a second chance, I promise to live right," 
And God answered her prayer. 
I never thought to ask her what was bothering her; 
I just assumed it was the crowd she was rolling with.
When she broke it all down to me,
Telling me all the things she endured as a child,
My smile turned into a frown.
Sometimes people don't see a way out; 
They may not have anyone to talk to. 
But when God steps in, things change!
There is power in prayer! 
My Mom has been set free for 13 years
From one of the mind's worst strongholds: drugs!
And til this day she is still going strong 
In the name of Jesus! 
She is now Evangelist Denise Davis
With a story of her own.
I pray this reaches you ladies
That are going through any strongholds: 
Never give up!!! 
Keep calling his name. Jesus! 
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