1 Thessalonians 5:11

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.


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Trust God

There are times in our lives when things go bad, when problems seem to come from every end. Health issues, money funny, broken marriages, children misbehaving, etc. If you would just keep holding on to God's unchanging hands it will get better. Stop trying to figure it out, let God work it out. Remember through it all, keep a positive attitude and keep the faith. You are strong person and with God you can face anything the may come your way. Stay encouraged and get in your word. The answers to every challenge is right there. 

Get up. Get out and get something.
 It’s New Day!

What are you waiting for? Get up and let the fresh air hit your face. Take a walk. Stop dwelling on the things of yesterday. What's done is done; it's a new day. Do something you've always wanted to do. Call someone who means the world to you. Don't wait until it's too late! It's time to live, enjoy life, and shake all the stress away! Do you know who you are? Well if not, let me tell you. You are the daughter of the King who loves you more than anything! You deserve to be treated like a queen. Don't wait for someone else to treat you like a queen--get up and do your own thing! Ladies, go get your hair, nails, and your feet done. Go buy an outfit or two. Today it's all about you. IT'S A NEW DAY! Time to celebrate 
Buckle your seat belts

Get ready for the ride of your life! Buckle your belts real tight. God is getting ready to show up - and show out -in your life! Doors will be opened, bodies will be healed, hearts will be mended, and dreams will be fulfilled! Stay focused and enjoy the ride. Let God pour his favor over your life! 

You can make it

I know it's hard right now, and you feel like all hope is gone. I know you can't see any way out; sister be strong. I know you have done your best, and it seems like your best wasn't good enough. Be strong! God sees your tears and pain. He is able to bring you out of this. For there is nothing too hard for God. You have to let go, and let God handle this. This battle is not yours, it's the Lords. No matter what you go through, I will be here for you with an ear to listen, a shoulder for you to cry on, and a joke to make you smile. You're like my sister, and I love you girl. It's going to be alright. "Vengeance is Mine," said the Lord. Don't worry about hurting those that have hurt or betrayed you. God has it all in control. Surrender your all; let Him come into your life and take all the pain away. He can--all you have to do is allow Him to. Sister friend, this to shall pass.  

99 Wont do

I know you've been running for a very long time. You are almost there you can't stop now. Stop looking back or you might fall behind. Look straight ahead at the winning prize. I know it gets hard sometimes, but you can't stop now. Satan is out there with a master plan trying to kill, steal and destroy you. This time 99 and a half want do. Give God all of you, and watch him show up and out in your life. 
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